Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merging Many .VCF Files In One File & Convert To CSV

Merging Many .VCF Files In One File & Convert To CSV
Phonebook or a contact information is the most important part of every mobile user. Most of us have forgotten to keep a written backup of any mobile number and when we do not have our mobile along, we are helpless. This is also true when you want to change mobile phone or want to transfer complete mobile contact information or phone book. 
These are the days of faster upgrade of mobile devices and we are changing mobile handsets more frequently. now when you want to transfer your contact numbers from old mobile to new one, there are many problems we come across, like different mobile manufacturing companies use different file formats, different type of backups and various computer sync software.
Most of the mobiles do have an option to backup your mobile phonebook but they all save the backup file in a proprietary format. Eg. Nokia saves a backup file in .nbf format. You can use that backup file only for other Nokia mobile. (Read How to extract and Read Nokia Backup File like .nbf and .noki) But if you have changed the handset manufacturer this phonebook backup does not come to your help and you have to transfer all these addresses manually. 
The other way is to save all your phone-book as a vcf file. All the phones have this function but the problem is each and every entry is saved as a separate file. So if you have say 500 contacts, there will be 500 .vcf files. 

This is the most commonly used contact format. It's called "Visiting Card File / format". You will find this type of contact files when you try to backup your entire contacts from your mobile to memory card. Your mobile will save every contact in one .vcf file. If you want to transfer all your contact from mobile to any other software you have to manually transfer each and every file. So What is the solution to transfer all these contacts at once?
Yes - you need to concatenate or merge all the VCFs into a single file 

1. If you're using windows: 

GOTO Command prompt. (Windows_Key + R)

Run: cmd

2. Change to the directory where all your VCFs are stored
     cd   \my_vcfs

3. Run this command
copy   /B   *.vcf   all_in_one.vcf


Then just upload the "all_in_one.vcf" file to your software and it will grab all your contacts in one go


CSC is the most commonly used data management format. Its
 Comma Separated Value file. You can use simple office excel to edit the file.

Convert .vcf File into .CSV file easily.
Just go here LINK

pastu upload ke dalam contacts google lah.